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Comedian Gavin Crawford talks about role in new film Two 4 One
by Ramona Zacharias
102.1 the Edge – August 9, 2015
Adam used to be Melanie. Now in transition, he’s on testosterone but is awaiting the surgery that will complete the process and provide him with the life he was meant to have. >> full article

Two 4 One garners understanding by showing the human experience, not just trans experience
by Rebecca Tucker
The National Post – July 23, 2015
In Two 4 One, Gavin Crawford plays Adam, a trans man who becomes pregnant with his ex-girlfriend’s baby. Adam is, obviously, a mixed bag of a character. But what’s compelling about his narrative arc in Two 4 One is not that he’s transgendered and not that he’s pregnant, but that he’s a man learning to navigate a complicated romantic relationship as he balances the demands he places upon himself to uphold an ever-changing, self-defined sense of masculinity. >> full article

Gender-bender comedy is sensitive, subtle and truly sure-handed
by Brad Wheeler
The Globe and Mail – July 17, 2015
Adam is having Miriam’s baby – and yeah, it’s complicated. Two 4 One is a sweet gender-bender of a light comedy starring comedian Gavin Crawford, whose transition from female to male is interrupted by an unexpected (and medically improbable) pregnancy. >> full review

5 Questions with Naomi Snieckus of Two 4 One
by Charles Trapunski
Scene Creek – July 17, 2015
The best way to describe Maureen Bradley’s Two 4 One is that it’s unlike any film that we will see this year, or any year. Another apt description is that the film stars Naomi Snieckus, who is definitely familiar as a comedic presence, but in the film plays a very different role than the ones in which we may be accustomed to seeing her, which suits the actress just fine, thank very much! >> full article

Rom-Com Brings a Trans-Canadian Twist
by Pat Mullen
Cinemablographer – July 16, 2015
It might not have been shot on an iPhone, but it seems fair to call Two 4 One “the Tangerine of the Canadian film scene.” The LGBQT comedy Two 4 One is even more fun than Tangerine, though, as it brings a warm, funny, and down-to-earth rom-com with a trans-Canadian twist. It’s a winner. >> full review

Gavin Crawford Interview – Two 4 One transgender dramedy
by Anne Brodie
Monsters & Critics – July 16, 2015
One of Canada’s best loved television comedians Gavin Crawford of This Hour Has 22 Minutes had his work cut out for him in Maureen Bradley’s heart tugging comedy drama Two 4 One. He plays Adam, a lesbian transitioning to become a man who is still involved with his ex-lesbian lover. And to make matters more complex, a fertility kit mishap leaves him pregnant. Adam’s ex-lover, who is trying desperately to become a mother and his doting, open minded mother must deal with his confusion and fear and their own. >> full article

Review: Two 4 One
by Addison Wylie
CanScreen – July 15, 2015
Maureen Bradley’s Two 4 One is centred around a transgender male who is in the final stages of transitioning. After a recent story in the news and on television that followed a high-profile gender reassignment, one might be tempted to describe Bradley’s feature film debut as timely. I would, but for the filmmaker’s sophisticated approach towards her characters. Bradley refuses to use a current, much talked-about topic as a gimmick to elicit knee-jerk responses. >> full review

Coming Soon: Two 4 One
by Julianna Cummins
Playback – July 14, 2015
Hoggwild Films’ Daniel Hogg on the day-and-date distribution strategy for the transgender romantic comedy Two 4 One. >> full article (subscription required)

Outfest Los Angeles explores a world of transgender experiences on film
by Tre’vell Anderson
Los Angeles Times – July 7, 2015
Visibility of transgender men and women is at an all-time high thanks in large part to television: scripted shows like Netflix’s “Sense8” and Amazon’s “Transparent,” along with reality series such as ABC Family’s “Becoming Us” and Caitlyn Jenner’s forthcoming “I Am Cait,” all of which create an unprecedented window into the transgender experience. >> full article

Writer/director Maureen Bradley on her queer poly pregnancy story, “Two 4 One”
by Daniela Costa
AfterEllen – May 19, 2015
You have a one-night stand with your ex and you both get pregnant. Not your typical lesbian problem, but Two 4 One is not your typical romantic comedy. We spoke with writer/director Maureen Bradley ahead of her appearance at the Inside Out Film Festival in Toronto. Polyamory, trans masculinity and her characters’ futures (including a possible series) were just some of the topics we covered. >> full article

Good, positive fun
The trans community gets an accurate on-screen portrayal
by Nathan Raine
Prairie Dog – March 19, 2015
“It rubs the lotion on its skin,” remains, far and away, the most recognizable line from a transgender character in all of cinema. Sadly, as far as the depiction of transgender people in cinema goes, Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs is par for the course. From the psycho-killers in Dressed to Kill and Psycho to a forced sex-swap in The Skin I Live In, sympathetic — geez, even accurate — representations of the trans community are rarely depicted on screen. With her debut feature, a young Canadian filmmaker is bucking that trend. Writer/director Maureen Bradley is doing something that (as far as I know) has never been done before in Canada — a transgender romantic comedy. >> full article

Two 4 One tackles gender identity with humour, sensitivity
By Michael D. Reid
Times-Coloninst – February 13, 2015
When Gabrielle Rose was cast in Two 4 One as the eccentric, pot-smoking mother of Adam, a transgender person in the final stages of transitioning from female to male, she gained a new fan base overnight. >> full article

Two 4 One film delivers unexpected twists
By Hanna Leavitt
The Coast Spectator – February 13, 2015
Film producer, director and media educator Maureen Bradley’s new feature film Two 4 One has its debut, hometown screening on Feb. 14 and 15 at the Victoria Film Festival, and CineCenta on March 25 and 26. This romantic comedy delivers promised laughs along with entertaining, unexpected character and plot twists. >> full article

Gavin Crawford gets knocked up
Xtra talks with Crawford about a new film, Two 4 One, in which he plays a trans man
By Chris Dupuis
Daily Xtra – February 12, 2015
Whether it’s the ill-advised Schwarzenegger flick Junior or the really, really ill-advised Joan Rivers-helmed Rabbit Test, the “knocked-up dude” trope has consistently proven itself a recipe for celluloid disaster. But actor Gavin Crawford’s latest film, Two 4 One, may change that. Director Maureen Bradley’s first feature tells the story of Adam (Crawford), a trans guy who accidentally becomes pregnant after helping his ex-girlfriend Miriam (Naomi Snieckus) with an artificial insemination. >> full article

Two 4 One Breaks New Ground
By Heather Austin
What’s Up Yukon – February 5, 2015
Move over Ben Affleck and Julia Roberts, the Canadian filmmaking world would like to thank you for solidifying conventions for the romantic comedy genre, so Two 4 One can break those conventions into a million pieces. This progressive look at real-life love is refreshing and accessible: a movie about a transgendered Canadian in which an offbeat backdrop is conspicuously missing. >> full article

Two 4 One at Image+Nation
By Nicole Yeba
The Link – November 23, 2015
Maureen Bradley’s first feature film tells the story of a female-to-male transgender person who accidentally gets pregnant while trying to help his ex-girlfriend get pregnant through artificial insemination. Bradley first read about trans men six years ago when she and her partner and were trying to get pregnant. >> full article

Film review: Two 4 One is a unique comedy
By David C Jones
Gay Vancouver – October 5, 2014
As trans issues are coming more into the mainstream, we are getting more interesting stories. In Two 4 One, ex-lesbian lovers get overly playful when one helps the other get artificially inseminated resulting in them both getting pregnant. An additional hiccup is that one of them is in the process of becoming Adam. >> full article

Two 4 One and the accidental pregnancy
A funny thing happens on the way to Adam’s phalloplasty in new film
By Greg Armstrong-Morris
Daily Xtra – September 29, 2014
In Two 4 One, filmmaker Maureen Bradley’s debut feature, ex-lovers Adam and Miriam have a tequila-fuelled one-night stand. The last time they had sex, Adam identified as Melanie, a gender-conflicted lesbian trying to contend with Miriam’s polyamory. This time, with a slip of some donated sperm, they both end up pregnant. My first question for Bradley is “Is the science accurate?” It’s clear from her chuckle that I’m not the first person to ask. >> full article

CIFF: Alberta’s Gavin Crawford stars in Two 4 One, a romantic comedy with a twist
By Eric Volmers
Calgary Herald – September 22, 2014
Gavin Crawford and Naomi Snieckus may play lovers in the romantic comedy, Two 4 One, but they seemed to have developed more of a sibling-like relationship off-screen. It was perhaps a byproduct of sharing a condo during the hectic, 16-day shoot in Victoria, B.C. But it was still evident Sunday evening when the pair walked the red carpet at Eau Claire Cineplex prior to the world premiere of the film. >> full article

Man becomes pregnant in Calgary film fest movie
By Louis Hobson
Calgary Sun – September 20, 2014
It’s a good thing Gavin Crawford is comfortable in his own skin or he’d have been caught in a vortex of confusion and trepidation while he was filming Two 4 One. In this comedy, which is having its world premiere at the Calgary International Film Festival Sunday at 7:15 p.m. at Eau Claire, Crawford plays Adam, a woman who is in the final stages of transitioning into a man. If that’s not tricky enough to play, Adam gets pregnant. How that happens is just one of several clever and hilarious twists in Two 4 One. >> full article

VIFF 2014: Queer cinema from Canada and beyond
By Craig Takeuchi
The Georgia Straight – September 5, 2014
The Vancouver International Film Festival, which is pretty much the equivalent of several film festivals hidden within a festival, again offers up a plentiful serving of queer cinema. >> full article

Live from the set of Maureen Bradley’s feature film
By John Threlfall
Artsy Type – February 25, 2014
Looking for creative practice and experiential learning all in one? Check out what Department of Writing professor Maureen Bradley is doing on her study leave: shooting the feature film Two 4 One, using a mix of professional and student crew. While Bradley is an award-winning short film veteran and the driving force behind the highly successful Writing 420 film production class (more on that later), Two 4 One marks her feature film debut. But it’s also notable for being the first transgendered romantic comedy, one created for a wide audience. >> full article

UVic professor films transgender comedic drama in Victoria
By Janine Crockett
The Martlet – February 20, 2014
Two 4 One, a unique romantic comedy, began production this month in Victoria. UVic Writing Professor Maureen Bradley will helm the film, which she has also written. >> full article

Victoria filmmaker aims to transcend transgender cliché
By Michael D. Reid
Times Colonist – November 21, 2013
If there’s one thing we can be sure of when Maureen Bradley wraps Two 4 One it’s that her film featuring a guy who winds up pregnant won’t be confused with Rabbit Test, Joan Rivers’ 1978 dud starring Billy Crystal as a pregnant man. While both men find themselves in this predicament following a one-night stand, the similarities end there. Rabbit Test was an ill-advised comedy best forgotten. Chances are Two 4 One, however, will become a movie to be remembered, chiefly because of the way Bradley puts an offbeat comic spin on a hot topic — gender confusion. >> full article

Doing it [Her]self: Maureen Bradley’s film, media activism and new movie Two 4 One
By Dorothy June Fraser
Plentitude Magazine – June 29, 2013
Maureen Bradley likes making narrative film, because it’s difficult. Her history in film and video began with herself; she speaks about overcoming the gender barriers present in media at the time through teaching herself. Like many of us who aspire to learn the technological side of arts production, Bradley tossed the proverbial manual in favour of learning through experiential process, a method many queer and feminist artists have adopted in film and video. >> full article